Element 1 - Innovation in satellite Navigation


The main goal is to generate innovative concepts, techniques, technologies and systems linked to the PNT sector, along the entire value chain. 

The highly dynamic PNT environment GNSS components shall not be considered in isolation but in combination with other PNT technologies to enable the emergence of attractive solutions. 

Such a context calls for a new paradigm where new concepts, new capabilities and a new culture would have to be developed in order to respond to the unveiled demands of the PNT sector, so far not yet leveraging the full potential space-based solutions are and will be offering. 

In return, the net effect of this dynamic will be to enable a cross fertilisation of expertise between different stakeholders of the PNT domain and to facilitate the presence of the EGNSS infrastructure in the future challenges of the PNT world. 

Specific objectives: 

  • Perform feasibility studies and viability analysis for the emergence of new concepts in the PNT world; 
  • Contributing to the formulation and implementation of PNT technology innovation; 
  • Proof of concept of promising PNT-based services. 

Dedicated workshops will be organised with relevant stakeholders and involving participating States, the EC and the GSA. 

Yearly Workplans will be fed by promising ideas. Propose yours! 

They will be implemented via competitive tenders, published on ESA-EMITS.

This programmatic action will call for a fully funded approach. Each proposal submitted by an Economic Operator in answer to the Invitations to Tender shall include a letter of support from the participating State concerned authorising the funding of the activity.

This programmatic action will not establish or duplicate the strategy or plan for the evolution of Galileo or EGNOS which is the responsibility of the EU through the Working Group EGNSS Evolution and the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee. 


Winter publication of opportunities on EMITS!