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Low-cost multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS antenna for CubeSats

Satellites flying in LEO are relying more and more on Precise Orbit Determination (POD) through GNSS and in particular the computation of real time on-board POD with accuracy at centimetre level. Receivers for in-orbit demonstration of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) currently under development under NAVISP (NAVISP-EL1-009: ‘Space GNSS Receiver for Un-Orbit Demonstration of PPP’) and the…

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Integrity Monitoring and Prediction Concept for Autonomous Car Resilience and Safety

Autonomous driving is seen by many as a coming technology disruption that will have profound impacts on industry, society and the economy. One of the great hopes of autonomous driving proponents is the realisation of huge safety improvements. According to the World Health Organization, road accidents account for 3,400 deaths every day around the world. This is more deaths than those caused, for…

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vessel Navigation

Maritime transport is currently facing new challenges such as significant increases in transport volumes, more stringent environmental requirements and a shortage of seafarers in the future.  One of the many new concepts having the potential to overcome these challenges is autonomous ship navigation. In particular, the concept is expected to allow for more efficient and competitive ship…

Ultra-Low Power Device Positioning Concepts

There are an increasing number of IoT applications, and projections show that global Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connections will increase by almost one order of magnitude in the next five years. Terrestrial networks are continuously targeting evolutions of the IoT markets. For example, the latest release of 3GPP standards has introduced modifications to their standard (e.g. NB-IoT) to comply with…

Low-RF Fast Deployable Systems for Emergencies in Difficult Environments

There exist a number of applications requiring reliable and accurate navigation services in environments difficult to access where available commercial products struggle to satisfy the variety of user demands. Such applications include very deep indoor applications, for which navigation accuracy and timely operations are critical to users, as for example in emergencies or underwater/urban-canyon…