Element 1 - Innovation in satellite Navigation

Activity Reference Project Title Status
act457 Testing Ordersadas 456 ITT Closed
act45 Testing Order 123 ITT Closed
act45 Testing Order ITT Closed
ID9 24 navigation hours race Activity Ongoing
2020Future Test text field Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-022 Low-cost multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS antenna for CubeSats ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-021 Integrity Monitoring and Prediction Concept for Autonomous Car Resilience and Safety ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-020 Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vessel Navigation ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-019 Ultra-Low Power Device Positioning Concepts ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-018 Low-RF Fast Deployable Systems for Emergencies in Difficult Environments ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-017 Techniques supporting Resilience for High Integrity Train Control Applications ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-016 GNSS/non-GNSS Sensor Fusion for Resilience in High Integrity Aviation Applications ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-015 Feasibility study of a space-based relativistic PNT system ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-014 PNT using Neutrino Particles ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-013 Quantum-based sensing for PNT ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-012 High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites for PNT ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-011 Resilient, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous Time Transfer ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-010 Low-Cost GNSS Antenna Arrays for Improved Performance, Anti-Spoofing, and Meaconing and Interference Mitigation ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-009 Space GNSS Receiver for In-Orbit Demonstration of PPP ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-008 Weather Monitoring Based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-007 Cooperative Navigation and Cloud Processing ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-006 Pulsar Timescale Demonstration ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-005 Multipath & Interference Error Mitigation Techniques for Future Maritime e-NAV Services ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-004 Multi-System Multi-Sensor Maritime PNT Test Equipment ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-003 System Suitability Study for Train Positioning Using GNSS in ERTMS in 2020 ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-002 Trusted Radionavigation via Two-Way Ranging ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-001 Complementary PNT Infrastructure in LEO ITT Closed
testing price field ITT Closed
testing 404 ITT Closed

ITT Intended - Invitation to tender is planned to be issued in the future

ITT Open - The invitation to tender is open, companies are allowed to submit proposals

ITT Closed - Companies are not longer allowed to submit a proposal. ESA now selects who they want to award the contract to

Activity Ongoing - The project has started and is in progress

Activity Completed - The project has now finished